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Navarakizhi is one of the typical Ayurvedic treatments. The treatment is termed so, as Njavara(Navara) rice is the main ingredient in the preparation. The cleaned Navara rice is boiled in the mixture of milk and decoction. It is then tied in a suitable cloth and made in to a bolus. A massage with medicated oil may be over the body prior to the application of bolus according to the instruction of the physician. The bolus is then applied over the body by dipping in the warm mixture of milk and decoction intermittently. During the course of the treatment the bolus gets reduced and nullify since the navara rice is used up.

This treatment method helps in strengthening the nerves, relieving arthritis and curing neurological complaints. It nourishes the tissues, softens the skin and enhances complexion. It brings about strength to body muscles and improves the overall appearance of the body. It is advised in a certain diseases like hemiplegia, facial paralysis, muscular atrophy etc. It is a nourishing and rejuvenating treatment which imparts strength and build to the body. The duration of the treatment may vary 30 to 40 minutes as per the individual condition. Shastika Thailam, Mahamasha thailam, Dhanwantaram tailam etc. are used for Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi).

In Kerala Navarakizhi is also called as Navarakizhi, because navara rice (Indian herbal rice) is used for preparing bolus. Navara rice is also use for preparing rice soup. Navarakizhi is nourishing and cooling massage with oil and special rice (navara) poultices dipped in milk. Navarakizhi nourishes tissues, softness the skin, enhance complexion, strengthens body muscles, cures joints stiffness and improves the digestion. Navarakizhi improves the sexual power. It is also used for beauty therapy. For beauty treatment, bolus is filled with navara rice and dipped milk. This treatment enhances the glow and fairness to the face. Navarakizhi is one of the part of Panchakarma.

The benefits of Njavarakizhi (Navarakizhi) are hemiplegia, facial paralysis, muscular atrophy, nourishes tissues, softness the skin, enhance complexion, strengthens body muscles, cures joints stiffness and improves the digestion, improves the sexual power.

The origin of Ayurveda is India and the best Ayurveda treatment providers are Kerala. In Kerala, Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur providing a major role in Ayurveda. One of the specialty of Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur is, Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi) treatment is providing in the best quality and in a traditional way and it is the best treatment center in Thrissur for Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi). In Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur, Njavarakizhi treatment is done by well trained therapist. In Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur, Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi ) is prepared under the control of Ayursopanam physicians for maintaining the quality and tradition of the treatment.


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