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Nasyam is one of part of panchakarma in ayurveda treatments. It is a medication done through nose. Nostrils are considers to be the door way to head. This is a treatment for clensing the areas above the shoulder basically nose, throat, sinuses and head. The face, shoulder and chest are massaged softly with medicated oil. Then a medicated oil or herbal powder is instilled in to the nostrils drop by drop or blowed in at a stretch respectively. As a paschat karma, dhoomapanam is done after explusion of kapha. Nasyam removes the obstructed kapha from the channels. The main benefit of Nasyam is improving the circulation. In dialates the bronchioles and thus helps in alleviating certain diseases like dyspnoea, asphma etc. it nourishes the tissues and improves the sense organ perceptions. It improves vision, helpful in diseases like facial paralysis, migraine, sinusitis etc. It helps in preventing hair loss and hair graying and brings about an improvement in the glow of skin. Anu tailam, ksheerabala 101 times etc. are the oils used for the treatment. Medicated oils and quantity are used in this treatment is directed by the physician according to the conditions of the individuals. This treatment is done for a course of 7 days, 14 days etc. according to the instructions of the physician depending on the conditions of the individual.

Nasyam is one of the beauty treatments, for this Kumkumadi tailam is used. It helps to enhance fair and glow to the face.

The origin of Ayurveda is in India. Kerala place an important role in Ayurveda treatment in India. In Kerala, Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur providing a major contribution to Ayurveda treatments. One of the specialty of Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur is, Nasyam treatment is providing in the best quality and in a traditional way and it is the best treatment centre in Thrissur for Nasyam. In Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur, Nasyam treatment is done by well trained therapist. In Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur, Nasyam is prepared under the supervision of Ayursopanam physicians for maintaining the quality and tradition of the treatment.


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