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Kabalam besides being a therapy is also one of the harmless morning routines that can be carried out by anyone. It is usually practiced in the morning after brushing. Beyond bestowing hygiene, the treatment has multiple advantages.

This is a great therapy for jaw diseases, chewing muscle pain, respiratory diseases, indigestion, allergies, diabetes, constipation, hypertension and heart disease. Kabalam is beneficial forear,nose andthroat treatment, It also clears your vocal cord thus making the voice perfect, gives a glow to your face, removes wrinkles and strengthens jaws, gums and teeth. Besides it eliminates the impurities obstructing taste buds thus improving the taste sensitivities and paving way for mouth refreshment.

In this practice, traditionally sesame oil is used which is gargled inside the concerned patient’s mouth for a certain period of time. It is then spitted after the oil becomes denser. Here the mouth is only filled to half so as to have enough space for gargling. Normally sapthachadadikashayamand arimedadithailam are used for Kabalam. Oil used varies according to the specific intention of the treatment. Though it is usually done as an exclusive treatment, sometimes Kabalam is done as a post procedure to nasyam.

There is a reason for everything in Ayurvedic science. As per Ayurveda, each tongue sector is mapped with specific meridians that represent different human organs. With Kabalam these meridians are soothed thus benefiting the related internal organs. Kabalam treatment may be a course and you have to complete it so to enjoy the comprehensive benefits offered. There are never any side effects and no effort is needed from the patient’s part. However there may be certain restrictions in regard of food intake and other daily routines.

At Ayursopanam, there is a great infrastructure and experienced doctors. Under the supervision of them you will surely benefit the complete favors from this treatment. The staff is professional as well as friendly assuring that the time spent here will be comfortable for you. Just follow the instructions carefully and you will leave with a smiling face only.

If you have any queries regarding the treatment, contact us and it would be our pleasure to alleviate your doubts.


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