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Leech therapy (Jalukavacharanam)

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Jaluka refers to leech. Jalukavacharanam in ayurveda is a bloodletting treatment procedure carried out with the help of jaluka. The treatment is mostly done for rakthamosha or blood purification. Blood purification is the prime solution for most of dermatological and blood vessel related diseases. Jalukavacharanam is widely accepted as the best ayurveda treatment to cure heamatoma, cellulites, blood clots in muscles and skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Certain cases of rheumatoid arthritis are also treated with Jalukavacharanam.

Jalukavacharanam is regarded as one of the safest ayurvedic approaches using leeches to suck blood thus purifying the same. The process does not involve any drugs and the therapeutic leech used in this traditional treatment is ‘hirodunosamedicinalis’. These leeches secrete unique proteolytic enzymes that increase the capillary vessel permeability by tuning up the vessels. The Hirudin enzyme in the secretions of leaches contains 65-amino-acids and they possess anesthetic and anti-coagulant properties.

A known poisonous leech is selected to carry out the treatment. The leech is released to suck the blood from the patient’s affected area. The anti-coagulating properties of the enzyme secreted by the leeches ensure continuous sucking of impure blood. Ayurveda preaches that the leeches suck impure blood from the person’s affected area and then detach itself when it comes in contact with pure blood. Once the leech is detached, the area is coated with paste or powder of curcumalonga.


There are Innumerable benefits for lepam.

  • No drugs are used: It is important to note that no drugs are used in Jalukavacharanam.
  • Painless procedure: The leech secretion contains 65-amino-acids that posses anesthetic properties which makes the procedure a painless and soothing therapy.
  • Different types of herbals are used and experts here at AyurSopanam, firstly study your skin type and only then decide the best one for you.
  • Administered on affected area: The leeches are released to suck the blood on localized area but the effect is reflected all over the body.
  • Vasodilation properties: The leeches’ saliva contains vasodilation agents and inhibitors likecoarboxypeptidase. All these components help the blood vessels to widen and ensure thorough inflow of blood to the affected area. This improves the chances of a speedy cure.
  • Bacteriostatic effects: The bacteria growth inhibitor contained in the leeches’ saliva hinders the growth of bacteria in the affected area. It ensures zero chances of infection on the area.
  • The simplicity and effectiveness of the therapy made it a common treatment for most blood related diseases in the modern day. It is also important to note that Jalukavacharanam is one of the core procedures in the famous Panchakarma Treatment.


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