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Ayursopanam preserves a magnificent herbal garden and a large number of medicalplant saplings are grown here. We make available these to common public at most competitive prices. Our actual intention is to promote the preservation of ayurvedic culture and raise the standard of human life with the judicious exploitation of abundantly available ayurvedic herbs in nature.

Ever since, the worth of natural remedies was realized, various medical herbs occupied prominent positions in treatment processes.We aim to cultivate them naturally. Main provisions from us are janma nakshatra (birth constellation) plants. And it is this 'Nakshatra' concept that forms one of the bases of astrology. As per this,allindividuals are associated with a nakshatrabased on the time and date of their birth. Each of these nakshatras has been assigned a plant or tree.It is assumed in light of Vedic knowledge that the person born in a specific nakshatra should take care of the plant assigned to his nakshatra. The better he takes care of the tree, the healthier it grows and the same will be reflected in his wellbeing as well.

There are 27 such trees and they play a pivotal role in paving way for a healthy spiritual, psychological, mental and physical wellness. Some of the trees grown in our 18 cent garden under strict supervision of experts are Strychnine, Amla, Cluster Fig, Jamun, Java Plum, Cutch tree, Black Ebony, Tendu, Velu,Peepal, Sacred Fig, Beauty Leaf tree, Alexandrian Laurel , Banyan , Palash, Parrot tree, Payari,Jaai, Bael, Golden Apple, Arjun, Nagkesar, Jackfruit and a lot more are there.

The herbs cultivated in our garden have unmatched prophylactic and curative uses. We use only healthy and defined methodologies for cultivation and no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used.


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