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Oral care is of immense significance as per the science of Ayurveda. DantaSwasthya or Dental health has to be uncompromising maintained. As per experts, it’s the lack of oral hygiene that leads to various diseases and even heart disorders. This is where the relevance of Gandusha is realized. This treatment, also known as Kavala is mentioned in Chakra Samhitha.

Gandusham is actually an Ayurvedic Gargling Treatment in which the mouth is totally filled with a medicinal fluid to such an extent that gargling becomes impossible. After holding the fluid for certain period of time, it is then released.Arimedasthailam, sapthachadabikashayam etc. are some of the oils used ingandusham.

The time is prescribed by the concerned specialists based on the unique features and purpose of the treatment. Normally 15 to 20 minutes are taken; however, it can increase or decrease. It is almost similar to Kabalam but the only difference is that in Kabalam mouth is half filled.

This simple revitalizing treatment if done routinely helps in the enhancement of senses and maintenance of clarity. Besides it brings to you a feel of freshness and soothes your mind. Cognitive abilities can be used in better way as Gandusham improves your senses. There are many therapeutic purposes as well. Excess dosha are drawn out via nose, mouth, ears and eyes. This assures mouth freshness and keeps you relaxed and confident. Bad odor from mouth is one of the grave matters of concern for many and Gandusham offers a perfect solution for this.

Gandusham cures issues such as impaired vision, dry face, anorexia, exhaustion, dull senses, taste loss and imbalances related to kapha. It is effective in the treatment of diseases related to oral cavity such as dry mouth, halitosis, oral canker and gingivitis etc.This is perfect for mouth treatment, teeth cavity treatment or any other teeth infection treatment.

We have a team of expert doctors, having years of experience in different types of Ayurvedic treatments. They take care of all the related matters and the offerings will be professional and most beneficial to you. Contact us for further queries via mail or call. You may also walk directly to our door.


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