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Digin Jose

Hailing from an ayurveda family background, Mr. Digin Jose who completed diploma in professional cookery worked in numerous star hotels in India for many years as a Chef. After that he worked with Kempinski Hotels in UAE,Malta and Djibouti. Before joining team Ayursopanam, Mr. Digin lastly worked with Doryssa Seaside Resort Samos Island, Greece. During his tenure, the man was immensely appreciated for his culinary skills and extensive knowledge in Ayurveda. Articles by Pamela Hansen published in the Maltese newspaper 'Sunday times' has referred him twice; it was in 06/08/2006 & 30/09/2007.

Having rich experience of service in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, the committed Ayurvedic Chef is continuously indulged in conducting research & experiments in ayurveda food with a vision of augmenting the wellbeing of mankind and thus fabricating a healthy generation.


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