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What is Prostate gland?

This gland is a part of the male reproductive system. It surrounds the urethra below the urinary bladder. If this gland is affected with any disease, it will mainly affect the flow of urine.

What are the functions of the prostate gland?

Most part of the seminal fluid is produced in the prostate gland, which gives nutrition to the sperm. It has also a major role in controlling the ejaculatory process of the semen. It also acts as a barrier in the urinary tract, while the semen is ready for ejaculation.

Where prostate gland locates?

The prostate gland is located just below the bladder, in front of the rectum. The examination of prostatitis is done by digital rectal check up, by inserting the finger of the physician through anus.

What are the main symptoms of prostatitis?

Frequent urination sometimes with blood, limited control of urination, increased desire for urination during night and disturbed sleep. Feeble flow of urine and feeling of incomplete evacuation from the bladder which produce retention of urine in the bladder and urinary infection. After urination dripping of urine over the cloth, burning sensation and discomfort at the end part of the penis. Delayed starting of urine flow which needs much effort.

What are the complications of prostatitis?

If this condition is not managed by an expert physician, it may affect the normal functions of the kidney.

What are the main check up for prostate diseases?

Ultra sound scan, PSA test and digital rectal check up.

What are the ayurvedic treatments and diets for prostate problems?

If complications are not present, the prostatitis can be treated effectively with ayurvedic medicines under the expert supervision. To reduce the inflammation of the prostate and for fluent flow of urine, Gulgulu thiktakam kashayam, Vrukshadanyadi choornam, Vyoshadi gulgulu tablet etc. can be utilised according to the stage of the disease. Spicy and red chilli, cold food & drinks, curd, red meat etc. must be avoided. As per medical advice plenty of medicated water must be used at day time. Medicated oil must be used over the head before bath as per the advice of a physician to arrest further inflammation of the prostate.

Written by: Prof. Dr. K. MuraleedharanPillai
Chief Physician, Ayursopanam Rtd. Principal

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