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The tranquil and natural way to enduringly stay healthy is Ayurveda. This ancient medical system of India is proven and admired worldwide.

Ayurveda always emphasize on the fact that -

Food is medication and medication is food

The unhealthy life style, especially improper food intake is the main reason attributing to the intrusion of diseases too often in the present generation. As per ayurveda, though every human body is unique it falls under three body types or doshas namely Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.

Each body types have their own distinctive characteristics.

Our team of ayurvedic experts accurately determines your body type based on the detailed history and other appropriate procedures. After that we prepare you the perfect dietary recommendation aptly suiting your body type.

Personalized ayurvedic food is sometimes a mandatory inclusion for certain ayurvedic treatment programs. We prepare Ayurveda food in the judicious manner incorporating international and modern concepts that not just offers the required health benefits but also excites your taste buds.

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