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Abhyangam is the basic massage in the Ayurveda treatment. The meaning of Abhyangam in Sanskrit is oil massage. It is an ideal massage for pregnant ladies.

Abhyangam is the application of medicated oil on the body followed by massage by a trained therapist. The lukewarm ayurvedic oiling is done by changing into seven different positions. This therapy acts on the whole body on both physical and mental level balancing the doshas. It helps to relieve stiffness of joints and muscles and tones of muscles. It stimulates circulation, provide relief from anxiety, fatigue& depression. It improves the general well being& induces sound sleep. Abhyangam is found to be very effective in certain Arthritic problems .It is advised in diseases like osteo arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. It is also advised in certain sports injuries and muscular spasms. It smoothens complexion, softens skin and prevents wrinkles. In Ayurveda, abhyangam is advised to be done on a daily basis that is it is advised as a dinacharya. Dhanwantaram thailam, prabhanjana vimardanam thailam, ksheerabala thailam, karpoora thailam, sahacharady thailam, bala thailam etc. are some of the medicated oils are used for abhyangam. The medicated oil is selected as per the constitution and condition of the individual by the physician. In this treatment head and face also included for the massage. After the treatment of abhyangam, steam bath is good for the refreshment.

The main benefits of Abhyangam is enhancing proper blood circulation, refreshing the mind and body and relaxing the body also provide good sleep. This treatment enhances the immunity power and sexual power, self confidence etc.

Kerala is the main center for Ayurvedic treatment, because the origin of Ayurveda is India. In Kerala, Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur providing a major role in Ayurveda. One of the specialty of Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur is, Abhyangam treatment is providing in the best quality and in a traditional way and it is the best treatment center in Thrissur for Abhyangam. In Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur, Abhyangam treatment is done by well trained therapist. In Ayursopanam Healthcare, Thrissur, Abhyangam is prepared under the direction of Ayursopanam physicians for maintaining the quality and tradition of the treatment.


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