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" Tradition, the way of life "
ayurveda about
ayurveda about us

Ayursopanam is one of the pioneering, traditionally deep-rooted, and professional single stop service provider for ayurvedic treatments and all associated services. The venture budded up in Thrissur under the pulsating leadership of Mr. P.L Jose in the year 1982. This was in fact a noble initiative to resuscitate the age-old concept of Ayurveda- the Indian practice of healthcare and medication, back to the present generation.

For bringing human race close to nature, Mr. Jose continuously strived to excavate even the veiled fragment of Ayurveda. This unswerving dedication to profession and mankind fueled him to propel Ayursopanam to vaster dimensions of acceptance and reliability.

"For Ayursopanam,
Ayurveda is not merely a treatment method but a tradition, a way of life."

Several centuries ago, enlightened personalities in exploration of divine consolation, composed Ayurveda. In course of time, new treatment methods emerged and relevance of Ayurveda was voluntarily or involuntarily forgotten. But again when modern science and other applauded treatment modes, tottered clueless in many situations, world again started realizing the worthiness of Indian ethos and more importantly Ayurveda.

We yearn to make Ayurveda affordable and available to common people, and provide them with apex quality traditional services in an ethical and hygienic backdrop. Our ultimate mission is to continuously enhance the health and wellbeing of present generation by not just curing the diseases but alleviating the chances of its occurrence by educating the mankind with healthy ways of living. For the same, we will soon be established as a research center and multi-specialty hospital

ayurveda vision and mission

Ayursopanam has always been in the forefront in availing impeccable quality treatment and other medication related service provision. We use only GMP & ISO 9001:2008 medicines for treatments. Our areas of expertise includes but are not confined to skin disease, arthritis, mental disease, diabetics & panchakarma.

Many reputed names in the domain of Ayurvedic treatment including Dr. Somashekharan (Ret. DMO) and Dr. H. MadavanEmbradiri (Ret. SMO) have worked here. As of now, our chief advisor is Dr K. MuralidharanPillai (MD) Ay, Ret. Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda college principal, having 40 years of experience. And the physicians working with us are Dr. Deepa M.R (BAMS) & Dr. Nisha B.M (BAMS)

Reach us and rejuvenate yourself; return back with an affirmative positive dynamism.



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